The City Fragility and Resilience Framework


This project, in collaboration with Igarape and UN University, sought to identify proven factors that drive urban fragility and resilience. Urban environments that bring together risks that may lead to significant instability and deterioration into conflict and violence when stressed are priorities for both the development and humanitarian communities. Understanding these risks as well as the protective factors that allow resilience to this deterioration and allow cities to function and populations to thrive is vital. This work represents the first iteration of investigation using factors that can be readily measured through available data sets to develop a map of urban fragility and soon resilience.


Urban Resilience

The ability to activate protective qualities and processes at the individual, community, institutional and systems level to engage with hazards or stressors and cooperate with each other in order to maintain or recover functionality and prosper while adapting to a new equilibrium and minimizing the accumulation of pre-existing or additional risks and vulnerabilities.

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