Women in War Program Becomes the Program on Gender, Rights and Resilience

What's Changing?

The Harvard Humanitarian Initiative’s Women in War Program is excited to announce that it has officially changed its name to the Program on Gender, Rights and Resilience (GR2).

We believe this new name more accurately reflects where, and how, we work. While our program has always focused on advancing the rights of women and girls, our research recognizes that all actors in a community – women, girls, men and boys – impact each other’s wellbeing. Our projects have been dedicated to understanding the interplay of gendered dynamics, and how crisis can both exacerbate threats and reveal sources of strengths for individuals and communities in some the world’s most vulnerable environments.

Our new name also acknowledges that the need for our work extends far beyond war. Political conflict, natural disasters, climate change and environmental degradation all contribute to fragility and represent a threat to human rights. In March, we will introduce an additional, dedicated focus on better understanding the links between human rights and environmental protection. 

Finally, our new name underlines a core tenant of our work: we not only investigate threats and vulnerabilities exacerbated by crisis, but also investigate sources of strength, knowledge, agency and resilience that emerge within crises. Our work highlights the ways in which women, girls, men and boys are vital actors in their communities—advocates for change, businesspeople, service providers, and leaders.

What isn't Changing?

We remain committed to the core values that have been the foundation for our strong partnerships with local communities, practitioners and policy makers across the globe:

  • Undertaking innovative and rigorous research that elevates the voices of the experts on the ground – individuals affected by violence and instability – to practitioners and policy makers to catalyze more effective programming.
  • Emphasizing a participatory research approach grounded in collaborations with international and local non-governmental organizations and community-based associations.
  • Ensuring the results of our research are communicated with those who participated in our work

The coming year is full of new projects and exciting research. Stay tuned to learn more about our work in a series of upcoming blogs and podcasts. We’re so excited to have you join us on this journey.

To learn more about the Program on Gender, Rights and Resilience, click here.