Humanitarian Geospatial Technology Workshop

This workshop provides the basic skills and knowledge required to use geospatial technologies in humanitarian operations. 

January - February 2021
Online Workshop

Monitoring and Evaluation for Humanitarian Programs

The Monitoring and Evaluation for Humanitarian Programs Workshop provides an overview of the basic principles and methodologies for program monitoring and evaluation with emphasis on practical application for humanitarian researchers and practitioners.

Summer 2021
Harvard University

Urban Humanitarian Emergencies Course

The Urban Humanitarian Emergencies Course is a four-day training organized by the Academy's Lavine Family Humanitarian Studies Initiative to train humanitarian professionals on the current issues and practices involved in this unique and expanding area of research and practice.

Summer 2021
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Humanitarian Response Intensive Course

Through presentations and hands on table top exercises offered by faculty and guest lecturers who are experts in their topic areas, participants will gain familiarity with the primary frameworks in the humanitarian field. The two week classroom-based workshop is followed by a three day field simulation exercise portraying a complex disaster and conflict scenario.