Associate Faculty, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative
Jennifer is an associated faculty member of Harvard Humanitarian Initiative and core member of the Crisis Dynamics Program at HHI. Her recent activities have focused on crisis mapping and GIS activities at the field level. She also helps evaluate open source technology organizations such as Ushahidi, trains emerging practitioners in humanitarian technologies and researches the interface between humanitarian agencies and volunteer & technical communities. She has helped NGOs integrate mapping into program decision-making in Mozambique and El Salvador She is also the lead instructor of humanitarian technologies education at the Humanitarian Studies Course. 
Her prior consultancy and research projects provided public health technical support to organizations such as Oxfam America, the American Red Cross, the United Nation Office of Coordination Affairs, and the International Rescue Committee. She recently served as deputy of operations for the HHI Love a Child Disaster Recovery Center field hospital in Haiti. She has completed professional degrees at Columbia University in the City of New York, Northwestern University School of Medicine, Tulane School of Public Health and Harvard University/Medical School.  She is also an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine in Chicago.