Jocelyn Kelly

  • Director of the Women in War Program

Jocelyn Kelly, MS is the Director of the Women in War Program for Harvard Humanitarian Initiative (HHI) where she designs and implements research projects based in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to examine the experiences and attitudes of community groups regarding sexual violence. She has been conducting health-related research using both qualitative and quantitative research methods for over seven years both in national and international settings, including Mexico and Africa. After graduating with full and departmental honors from Johns Hopkins University, Ms. Kelly worked as a journalist in Mexico where she also helped conduct public health interventions in remote, indigenous areas. Prior to joining HHI, Ms. Kelly worked as an Emergency Management Specialist in Hurricane Katrina-affected areas and acted as a liaison to the FEMA Public Assistance Chief in Louisiana. Ms. Kelly's international work has focused on understanding the health needs of vulnerable populations in Eastern and Central Africa and has included working with Uganda Human Rights commission to launch the first office in Africa promoting the Right to Health.