During those times that the situation was bad and in the times that we started seeing the rebels, we stopped sleeping in the huts. We would cook food very fast and run to hide in the bushes. We were doing this every other day whether we hear about them or not. The next day, when you get back home, you must go to the gardens... and uproot your beans that are already ready for harvesting. You would come back home and pound them then take them inside the bush to hide them because if they(rebels) get the beans in the huts, they will also pick them.

While in the camps hunger struck and people would organized themselves in groups and went up the mountain areas and got some firewood to sell in order to buy food and eat. A bundle of firewood was even only 500 shillings. Parents would raise such money and then buy what to eat. Some people who had money would make people work in their gardens and got some food to feed their families. U05

I know the government helped by sending people to camps, but that was not the best means, because most people were not healthy while in camps. In the camps, food given by the WFP was very little and as soon as it was over, you would have to wait until the new month...Many people missed their rations in some months. Besides the congestion also made diseases to pass very easily to people and all the time people were dying in the camps. It was not really good. We survived but with a lot of suffering. U12

I would like to add that the government did send security to us. The Government sent soldiers to protect the people in the IDP camps and this was one of the most important things. Apart from security the government also gave people food that otherwise helped to rescue people from starvation. U11