Luise Druke, DPhil, MPA, LLM

  • Fellow, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative
  • Part Time Faculty Member and Co-Chair of UN Studies, Suffolk University
  • Part Time Faculty Member, Leibniz University Hannover

Dr. Luise Druke has 40 years’ experience working, writing and teaching in the areas of protection of refugees, returnees and civilians in armed conflicts and peace operations, European harmonization of asylum, conflict prevention and preventive diplomacy, human rights and humanitarian governance. She is Co-Chair of the Inter-University Committee on International Migration at MIT, and a study group leader at Harvard University’s Division of Continuing Education (at HILR), teaching international relations. In addition, she serves as a university lecturer at Suffolk University and Leibniz University Hannover, focusing on UN and humanitarian governance and refugee policy. From 1977-2006 Dr. Druke headed UNHCR missions (UN High Commissioner for Refugees). She remains involved teaching seminars and conducting research, while serving on advisory boards such as the UN Studies Association and Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS). Her publications include 14 books (also edited and co-edited) and 37 articles which address UN conflict prevention and UNHCR refugee protection worldwide. Her latest research has been supported by the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative and Harvard Law School published Dec. 2013 on Innovations in Refugee Protection: A Compendium of UNHCR's 60 Years, Including Case Studies on IT Communities in Humanitarian Operations, Vietnamese Boat People in Singapore, Chilean Exile and Namibian Repatriation. Peter Lang Academic Publishers:  Frankfurt. 2013.,, Luise Druke CV.