Bridget Marchesi

MS Public Policy, MS Business Administration

Associate Fellow, Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, Harvard Kennedy Fellow, Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, Harvard Kennedy School

During 2014-2015, Bridget worked with Dr. Phuong Pham and Dr. Patrick Vinck on a Harvard-led evaluation of the Colombian Victims' Unit and its implementation of the Victims' Law. As an HHI Fellow her work will build on some of the early findings of

the Harvard-led Colombia study. The proposed project focuses on exploring the impact of transitional justice processes, particularly those associated. Utilizing an experimental vignette methodology (EVM) - which uses survey sampling methods to produce a collection of experimental subjects and experimental methods to randomly assign participants to variations of the independent variable - she will test how different provisions of justice  (e.g. restorative, retributive, distributive, and procedural) impact individual judgments  about reconciliation. In transitional settings, these provisions of justice are delivered through transitional justice processes such as criminal prosecutions, truth commissions, and reparations. . The broader impacts include establishing and clarifying the relationship between different forms of justice (e.g. retributive, restorative) and reconciliation; providing a much-needed evidence base to help guide policy design and help channel resources into the most impactful transitional justice and peacebuilding programs; and contributing to current policy debates in Colombia about how to achieve sustainable peace.