Practitioner Profiles | Sawsan Samara and Joel Hernandez

In this episode, Meredith Blake speaks with Sawsan Samara and Joel Hernandez about their time working for the Elpida Home for Refugees in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Sawsan has 12 years of experience working in the development sector with a focus on gender issues and the Syrian refugee crisis. She has worked with various international organizations and development agencies, headed regional offices in Jordan and the occupied Palestinian territories, and worked on protection issues and refugee rights in Lebanon and Greece. Sawsan currently serves as the Middle East Regional Representative at Malala Fund working on girls education for Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey.

Joel is a Spanish-American humanitarian professional who worked as the logistics and distribution manager and then as operations director at Elpida Home. He now works as the regional coordinator for northern Greece at Campfire Innovation, a Greek NGO providing coordination and capacity-building support to grassroots organizations responding to the migration crisis.

September, 2017