When I returned from the bush, you know here we have cultural rites that we perform. When I came back, they did a cleansing ceremony to all who retuned and one person from the community who is not even my relative gave one goat for my cleaning ceremony. For a stranger to give you a goat for your cleansing ceremony and food to my mother and most of all build a hut for her ..is a blessing. So people were really helping each other. U10

To me what I saw happening was that during those times, sometimes you find that when the rebels come, some people would run to the bushes without picking or carrying any food stuff. So for those who were able, they would give food to help those without anything to eat. Secondly, there were times when you could run without any bedding.

Sometimes when the rebels attack us here, we would run to another community or area. The people there would host us. Feed us and even give us their huts to live in until the situation calms down, then we would return here. And when the rebels attack their village and they run to us, we would also host them and provide them food and housing till they go back when the situation become calm. U07