Hong Kong Institute for Disaster Preparedness and Response


HHI, in collaboration with the FXB Center for Health and Human Rights, the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine, Chinese University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong University, is engaged in a regionally strategic program focused on evidence-based disaster preparedness and response that will establish and develop the Hong Kong Jockey Club Institute for Disaster Preparedness and Response serving the Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region.   

Asia and the Pacific Rim now experience disasters with the highest impact in the world.  Measured by size of population affected, vulnerability to intense and intensifying natural hazards, and costs of post-disaster reconstruction, urban areas such as Hong Kong, Manila, and Shanghai are the focus of current international policy concerns relating to population vulnerability and mounting risks of climate change. 

This collaborative effort will create significant opportunities for: 

  1. Developing our collective understanding of the dynamic factors driving effective disaster response in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region;
  2. Building the evidence base to support policy formulation and program design relating to disaster preparedness and response; and
  3. Engaging Harvard-based, regional, and international faculty, staff and humanitarian professionals on researching and assessing key issues of public health relevance in disasters.

As part of scope of work, HHI will be contributing to a regional scoping study, curriculum development and the production of eLearning case studies.


Director, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative
Phuong Pham PhD, MPH
Director, Program on Evaluation and Implementation Science / Faculty