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Pooja Agrawal
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Urban: GBI and Mobility in Cities
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A combatant of the Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces
Vincenzo Bollettino

Dr. Bollettino is the Director of the Program on Resilient Communities at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative. Prior to his current appointment, Dr. Bollettino served for five years as Executive Director of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative. Dr. Bollettino has twenty years...

Home: Building a Better Response Launches New Module
Male hunters, Central African Republic
Jerold S. Kayden
Bridget Marchesi

During 2014-2015, Bridget worked with Dr. Phuong Pham and Dr. Patrick Vinck on a Harvard-led evaluation of the Colombian Victims' Unit and its implementation of the Victims' Law. As an HHI Fellow her work will build on some of the early findings of

the Harvard-led Colombia study. The...

Adrienne Fricke

Adrienne L. Fricke is a Senior Fellow at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative where she is studying policy initiatives to improve access to healthcare for Syrian refugees, and a consultant specializing in human rights and refugee-related issues in the Middle East and Africa. Since 2007, she has...

William E. Bertrand

William E. Bertrand PhD. Wisner Professor of Public Health in the Global and Community Health Dept. of the Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine.  Previously at Tulane, Dr. Bertrand served in his academic positions as the Chair of the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics,...

OSCE SMM monitoring the movement of heavy weaponry in eastern Ukraine
Home: Hum Assessment course
Timothy Erickson
Frederick M. Burkle, Jr.
Kathryn Falb

Kathryn Falb, ScD is a Technical Research Advisor for the violence against women and girls research portfolio at the International Rescue Committee, a global humanitarian aid organization.  Dr. Falb focuses on evaluating programming to better understand, prevent, and respond to violence against...

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Refugees at Vienna West Railway Station during the European migrant crisis 2015
HuSEHR: Requirements
Anas Khan