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Vandana Sharma

Dr. Vandana Sharma is Project Director for the External Evaluation of the Disasters and Emergencies Preparedness Programme at HHI and a Research Associate at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. She is a public health researcher with expertise in maternal and child...

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Male and female local defense unit members, South Sudan
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Sheri Fink
Jennifer Chan
Elisabeth B. Weintz Humanitarian Award 2019


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Time to confront sexual abuse and harassment in the aid sector
Max Bazerman
Sometimes when the rebels attack

Sometimes when the rebels attack us here, we would run to another community or area. The people there would host us. Feed us and even give us their huts to live in until the situation calms down, then we...

Julia VanRooyen
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Erica Nelson

Erica L Nelson, MD, PhM is an Emergency Medicine physician who conducts research on critical geography and the use of geospatial analysis for public health and humanitarian response. After graduating from Trinity College Dublin with an PhM in International Peace Studies and Development (2007),...

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Patrick Okizie

Patrick Okizie hold an MSc in Economics and an MSc in Sociology and Management, and anticipates earning a PhD in Public Health from Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand (TBC, 2016). His dissertation focuses on the role of Sexual Pleasure in donor funded HIV prevention in...

Daniel Schrag
Michelle Williams
KoBo: new phase
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Female former abductees, South Sudan