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Timothy Erickson
LRA: Quote LRA fighter reduction
Statement February 2017


HRIC Cancellation
Orly Stern

Dr Orly Stern is a researcher, consultant and lawyer, focusing on armed conflict, gender, security and law. Orly has consulted for various international organisations, research institutions and NGOs. She has worked and researched in countries including Iraq, South Sudan, Sierra Leone...

Helen Ouyang
Tyler Giannini
Marc Mitchell
Doreen Koretz
Susan Briggs
Jennifer Chan
Research Note on Attitudes About Peace and Justice in Northern Uganda

In light of human rights violations in Northern Uganda, this research note presents preliminary data on Ugandans’ attitudes on peace and justice. The findings reflect the respondents’ desires for truth reconciliation as well as their desires to hold perpetuators of violence accountable for...

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    Paul Spiegel
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    Michael VanRooyen

    Michael VanRooyen, MD, MPH is the Director of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative (HHI) at Harvard University.  He is also the Chairman of Emergency Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. 

    Dr. VanRooyen has worked as an emergency physician with numerous relief organizations in over...

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    CIV MIL: Core Program Objectives
    Kelli O'Laughlin

    Kelli O’Laughlin, MD, MPH, is an emergency medicine physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts and an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School. She is a Research Fellow at the Massachusetts General Hospital Medical Practice Evaluation Center. Dr. O’Laughlin conducts...

    Ritu Sarin
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