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child marriage: recommendations
Vulnerable Populations Program: People
Paul Biddinger
Migrants and asylum seekers queue up at Mytilene Port on the Greek island of Lesvos waiting for police clearance.
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Your donation provides critical support to those whose lives have been touched by war and disaster. By supporting the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, you will make an important impact on people’s lives around the world. In times of crisis, we can show them that...

During the time we were running from the LRA at home

During the time we were running from the LRA at home the government did not come in to support us. It only happened when our sons grew annoyed and felt they could not just see their people get finished completely by the LRA. So they formed armed groups to defend the communities from...

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Women in War: Insights: Impact of the LRA
To me what I saw happening was that during those times

To me what I saw happening was that during those times, sometimes you find that when the rebels come, some people would run to the bushes without picking or carrying any food stuff. So for those who were able, they would give food to help those without anything to eat. Secondly, there were...

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Ruth Barron
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Colombia WinterSession

Colombia WinterSession

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Marc Mitchell
Joanna Van der Mewre
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Birthe Anders

Birthe holds a PhD in War Studies from the Department of War Studies, King’s College London, and a Diplom in Political Science and Law from Philipps Universität Marburg, Germany. Her research focusses on Private Military and Security Companies (PMSCs), NGO security and civil-military relations....

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