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OSCE SMM monitoring the movement of heavy weaponry in eastern Ukraine
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Mark C. Elliott
Research Note on Attitudes About Peace and Justice in Northern Uganda

In light of human rights violations in Northern Uganda, this research note presents preliminary data on Ugandans’ attitudes on peace and justice. The findings reflect the respondents’ desires for truth reconciliation as well as their desires to hold perpetuators of violence accountable for...

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  • Eric James
    You know when people were going to camps, we had no huts there

    You know when people were going to camps, we had no huts there. So what people did to support one another was like this. We would go and help each other put up the huts. We would all team up make one hut and finish then move to the next. That was the only fast way of working. U08...

    Paul Spiegel
    Humanitarian Academy at Harvard
    Ritu Sarin
    Female former abductees, South Sudan
    Penar Musaraj
    David Bangsberg
    Urban: City Fragility and Resilience Framework
    Monitoring and Evaluation: Program on Evaluation and Implementation Science
    The Initial Response (1991-1994)

    Diplomatic and military attempts to defeat the LRA were ongoing between 1991-1994. The first government response occurred in 1991 when the Ugandan People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) mounted a four-month military offensive called “Operation North.” Simultaneously, Uganda’s state minister at the...

    Laurence Ronan
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    Alexandros Lordos

    Dr. Alexandros Lordos holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Cyprus.

    Alexandros Lordos is Research Director of the Centre for Sustainable Peace and Democratic Development (SeeD). In this capacity, he has led the development of the...

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    NCD: in Humanitarian Crises