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Male local defense unit members, South Sudan
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Kelli O'Laughlin

Kelli O’Laughlin, MD, MPH, is an emergency medicine physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts and an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School. She is a Research Fellow at the Massachusetts General Hospital Medical Practice Evaluation Center. Dr. O’Laughlin conducts...

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To me what I saw happening was that during those times

To me what I saw happening was that during those times, sometimes you find that when the rebels come, some people would run to the bushes without picking or carrying any food stuff. So for those who were able, they would give food to help those without anything to eat. Secondly, there were...

Patrick Vinck

Patrick Vinck, Ph.D. is the Research Director of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative.  He is assistant professor at the Harvard Medical School and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and lead investigator at the Brigham and Women's Hospital. His current research examines resilience,...

Stephen C. Morris
Charlie Clements
Michael Rubin
Kriszia Lorrain Enriquez

 Kriszia Lorrain Enriquez is the Program Manager of the DisasterNet Project at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative.  The project aims to improve community-based disaster preparedness and response in the Philippines, by leveraging research and training programs. 

 Prior to joining HHI, she...

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Eric Goralnick
Colombia WinterSession

Colombia WinterSession

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Yurvi and Tatiana stand in the ruins of their home in Nikishino, eastern Ukraine