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Eric Goralnick
Women In War: People
P. Gregg Greenough

Dr. Greenough has worked extensively in applying epidemiologic methods to public health problems within conflict- and disaster-affected populations. After graduating from the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine (1989), he completed a residency and fellowship in Emergency...

Daniel Schrag
Michael Rubin
Stephen P. Marks
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Research: Disaster Resilience
Faine Greenwood

Faine Greenwood is a researcher at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, focusing on how UAV and satellite technology can be used in humanitarian contexts. A graduate of Stanford University and Tulane University, Greenwood is a former Southeast Asia correspondent and a recreational drone...

Peace and Human Rights Data: Projects
Destroyed Ambulance in Gaza
Monitoring and Evaluation for Humanitarian Programs Workshop Shanghai

Monitoring and Evaluation

Humanitarian Response Intensive Course: Intro
Learning Initiatives: Curricular Innovation
Alex Dorey
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Rise Challenge

USAID announces HHI’s Program on Gender Rights and Resilience (GR2) as one of the winners of their inaugural RISE Challenge. Nearly 200 applicants from 49 countries entered Resilient, Inclusive, & Sustainable Environments (RISE): A Challenge...

Youth in Crisis: MENA
Philip D. Parks
DisasterNet: Upcoming Projects
ncd: Affiliated Faculty and Collaborators
Child Marriage: Methods
HuSEHR: Intro