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Ryan Goodman
Humanitarian Response Intensive Course: Urban Humanitarian Emergencies Course
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Capacity Building for Fistula Repair in Eastern DRC

This report includes a detailed evaluation of the clinical, surgical and managerial capacity at Panzi Hospital, and also capacity evaluations of hospitals in Kaziba, Kalonge, Walungu, Uvira, Kakawende, Kaniola, and Nyatende.

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    MRF: Group of Professionals
    Eric James
    Lavine Humanitarian Studies Initiative

    Building upon ten years of experience in experiential learning-based education, the Lavine Family Humanitarian Studies Initiative (HSI) is an Academy continuing education program that offers workshops and trainings for humanitarian professionals. Trainings are designed to prepare students for...

    I would like to add that the government did send security to us

    I would like to add that the government did send security to us. The Government sent soldiers to protect the people in the IDP camps and this was one of the most important things. Apart from security the government also gave people food that otherwise helped to rescue people from...

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    Female former abductees, South Sudan
    There were some children who would want to return from abduction

    There were some children who would want to return from abduction and working as soldiers already in the LRA, but feared returning home because they were told they would be killed...Organizations which helped to rehabilitate these people had come up already such as World Vision. So we...

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    Daniel Scarnecchia

    Daniel Scarnecchia is a Researcher at HHI’s Signal Program on Human Security and Technology, focusing on data governance, standards, and ethics in the Humanitarian sector.  Prior to joining HHI, he was a management consultant with a practice in the governance of sensitive data and the...

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    Gabriella Blum
    ATHA: Intro
    Tracking Kony (2009-present)

    By 2009, Kony and a group of 250 people traveled into CAR, while a number of commanders remained operational in the DRC. From 2009 to 2010, Kony and a group of LRA combatants then moved to the Kafia Kingi enclave, a border region governed by Sudan. Since 2010, Kony and the remaining...

    Mai Alshammari