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Gregory R. Ciottone
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Herman B. "Dutch" Leonard
The beginnings (1985-1990)

The oppression of northern Ugandans, particularly the Acholi ethnic group, by the southern dominated government led to the creation of multiple armed resistance groups. In 1988, Joseph Kony formed the most famous one: the group that would become the LRA. Kony is part of the Acholi tribe...

Leonard Markus
Elisabeth B. Weintz Humanitarian Award 2019


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...Welcome from the community was high

...Welcome from the community was high. Relatives and other neighbours would come to welcome the person who returned. They also counseled them. Some of them would perform the rituals of sprinkling water by hand to show that you are welcome back home from where we had expected you to have...

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Aaron Van Leesten

Aaron is the media production specialist at HHI. In addition to creating the majority of HHI's multimedia, he also manages HHI's website and assists with development and execution of communications strategy. Before HHI, Aaron worked as a media producer and digital communications associate at the...