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Local Humanitarian Leadership: The Future of Humanitarian Action

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NCD: in Humanitarian Crises
Urban Humanitarian Emergencies Course: Topics Covered in the 2014 Course
Insights: The Impact of the LRA
Christine Letts
IDP Camps in Uganda (1996)

As military attempts against the LRA continued, the Ugandan government instituted a strategy of moving civilians into camps. At the peak of the conflict in 2005, 251 camps held nearly two million people across 11 districts in Uganda. The camps are widely considered to be a...

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SARC Ambulance, Homs Syria
LRA: The Project
COVID-19 is new, but the factors influencing our behavior during outbreaks are not


Valerie Neylan
Infectious: Title
Shada Rouhani
Many people have been helping the children

Many people have been helping the children who were escaping from the LRA abduction until they were taken to their family. For those whose home might be farther, you would bathe them and give them food. Those people were very much hidden because if they were abducted again they would be...

David Sanderson
While in the camps hunger struck and people would organized themselves

While in the camps hunger struck and people would organized themselves in groups and went up the mountain areas and got some firewood to sell in order to buy food and eat. A bundle of firewood was even only 500 shillings. Parents would raise such money and then buy what to eat. Some people...

Jessica Jean-Francois

Jessica Jean-Francois, MUP, M.S.Ed, is the Research and Project Coordinator for the External Evaluation of the Disasters and Emergencies Preparedness Programme (DEPP) at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative (HHI). She has nine years of experience in project management and...

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Theresa Betancourt
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Refugee Camp Panoramas: Zaatari Refugee Camp, Jordan
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