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Stephen C. Morris
Stephanie Kayden

Stephanie Kayden, MD, MPH, is an emergency physician with a focus on international humanitarian response and leadership. As director of the Lavine Family Humanitarian Studies Initiative at the Humanitarian Academy at Harvard, Dr. Kayden trains students and professionals in global health and...

Status of Humanitarian Reform

The humanitarian reform process, initiated by the United Nations in 2005, aimed to remedy gaps in humanitarian operations and improve the timeliness, effectiveness, and predictability of aid delivery. The reform process sought to achieve these goals through three separate but complementary...

Feb 2012
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  • Statement February 2017


    State of Emergency: Threat of SAF Attack on Kurmuk

    SSP is issuing a human security warning in this report for Kurmuk and the surrounding area due to the strong likelihood of potential SAF attack in the near future which may result in the use of indiscriminate and disproportionate force.

    Sep 2011
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  • Special Report: Evidence of Burial of Human Remains in Kadugli, South Kordofan

    SSP's identification on 14 July 2011 of a cluster of white bundles in Kadugli as consistent with human remains wrapped in white plastic tarps or body bags was controversial at the time. Although publicly questioned by a US government official, it has now been established by SSP through the...

    Aug 2011
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  • Spark Grant

    HHI Spark Grants

    Sonny Patel

    Doctor of Philosophy December 2016 (expected), Department of Psychological Medicine

    Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, King’s College London, London, United Kingdom

    Sonny has proven experience in establishing and managing international research...

    Sometimes when the rebels attack

    Sometimes when the rebels attack us here, we would run to another community or area. The people there would host us. Feed us and even give us their huts to live in until the situation calms down, then we...

    So We Will Never Forget: A Population-Based Survey on Attitudes About Social Reconstruction and the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia

    30 years after the end of the Khmer Rouge Regime in Cambodia, citizens of the country continue to see themselves as victims of the regime and desire some form of reparations. Nonetheless, citizens wish that the country prioritize problems that Cambodians face in their everyday lives rather...

    Jan 2009
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  • Slum socio-ecology: an exploratory characterisation of vulnerability to climate-change related disasters in the urban context

    As cities, especially coastal megacities, continue to grow often through rapid unplanned urbanization, populations are increasingly concentrated in climate change-affected hazard-prone spaces. How these populations interact with their environments will ultimately influence their vulnerability to...

    Jan 2016
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  • Sinead Walsh

    Dr. Sinead Walsh holds a PhD in Social Policy, London School of Economics, Thesis Entitled: The Improbability of the Accountability of NGOs to their Intended Beneficiaries: The Case of Action Aid with field work in Uganda.

    Sinead is the Ambassador of Ireland to Sierra Leone and Liberia,...

    Signal: Standards & Ethics
    Signal: Remote Sensing & Digital Forensics
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    Signal Program Satellite Imagery Analysis Methods

    This video, created by the Signal Program, uses DigitalGlobe imagery of Blue Nile, Sudan from September 2011 to highlight satellite imagery analysis methods. Signal imagery analyst Isaac Baker uses the measurements and shapes of observable objects to identify military vehicles and...

    May 2014
    Signal Code: Ethical Obligations for Humanitarian Information Activities

    Humanitarians today lack sufficient ethical guidance adapted to the realities of humanitarianism in the information age to responsibly navigate the challenges and realities of the digital age.

    The Signal Code: Ethical Obligations for Humanitarian Information Activities translates and...

    May 2018
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  • Siege: Evidence of SAF Encirclement of the Kauda Valley

    Based on the totality of the evidence presented in this report, the Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP) is issuing a human security alert for the Nuba Mountains region of South Kordofan, including the Kauda Valley. A human security alert is issued by SSP when evidence is collected indicating...

    Jan 2012
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  • Sheri Fink