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Humanitarian Academy at Harvard
Child Marriage: background
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Vulnerable Populations Program: Intro
Colombia WinterSession

Colombia WinterSession

Peace Building and Linkages with Security and Stabilization Link
Monitoring and Evaluation:
Kristian Olsen
infectious: Education
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Women in War
Craig Etcheson
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Tina Comes

Dr. Comes is Deputy Director of the Centre for Integrated Emergency Management, University of Agder, Norway, Co-Director of the Disaster Resilience Lab, a joint initiative of UiA and Tilburg University and Associate Professor, Department for ICT, University of Agder (UiA), Norway. During her...

NCD: Global Burden
Susan Tannehill

Ms. Tannehill leads finance and administration processes for all HHI programs. Her current responsibilities include coordination of pre- and post-award grant management, as well as budget forecasting and financial accounting.

Prior to joining HHI, Ms. Tannehill...

Lincoln Chen
HumGeo: Team
Retreat Rebuild Keynote

Disaster recovery is entrenched in the landscape. Lives are put at risk when land heaves, slides or shakes, when it becomes inundated or undergoes drought, when it is submitted to unrestrained development. Thus, land issues are at the crux of conflicts and post conflict reconstruction efforts...

Insights: The Impact of the LRA
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Evaluation Implementation: Projects


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