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A New Forensics: Developing Standard Remote Sensing Methodologies to Detect and Document Mass Atrocities

The aim of this article is to highlight potential methods applicable to a standard forensic approach for the analysis of high-resolution satellite imagery that may contain evidence of alleged mass atrocities. The primary method employed is the retrospective analysis of a case study involving the...

Nov 2014
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  • A migrant family comes ashore in Lesvos, Greece after crossing from Turkey in a small, inflatable dinghy.
    A man wearing a protective face mask walks next to closed shops in the capital of Jordan
    A combatant of the Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces
    A Blueprint for the Development of Prevention and Preparedness Indicators for Urban Humanitarian Crises

    As rapid urbanization creates complex environments that concentrate the risks and hazards of man-made and natural disasters, it also presents a vital advantage that must be exploited. Urban humanitarian emergencies by their very nature occur within the geo-political sphere of a governing body,...

    Dec 2011
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  • 2018 Weintz Award

    On Thursday, October 4th, Nadia Murad accepted the Third Annual Elisabeth B. Weintz Humanitarian Award, presented by the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative. As a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, she noted the value of receiving this award from humanitarians...

    2011 Roundtable Executive Summary

    On March 23-24, 2011, we held a roundtable discussion, “Earthquake Relief in Haiti: Inter-Organizational Perspectives and Lessons for the Future” at Harvard University. We convened this meeting to provide a forum for discussing successes, challenges, and strategies for improving disaster...

    Mar 2011
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  • 2011 Humanitarian Action Summit Report Mar 2011
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  • 2011 Global Surgical Consortium Annual Report

    This report outlines the ongoing work of The Global Surgical Consortium(GSC), a 501c3 public charity that was created in 2010 to address the growing global surgical and anesthesia crisis and to provide...

    Jan 2011
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  • 2009 Humanitarian Action Summit Report Mar 2009
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  • 2007 Humanitarian Health Conference Report Sep 2007
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  • 2006 Humanitarian Health Conference Report Sep 2006
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  • ...Welcome from the community was high

    ...Welcome from the community was high. Relatives and other neighbours would come to welcome the person who returned. They also counseled them. Some of them would perform the rituals of sprinkling water by hand to show that you are welcome back home from where we had expected you to have...

    'We Came Back with Empty Hands' Trailer

    This video provides an overview of "'We Came Back with Empty Hands': Understanding the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration of Children Formerly Associated with Armed Groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo," the new report released by the Women in War Program at Harvard...

    Nov 2013
    'Finding the Facts' Standards of Proof and Information Handling in Monitoring, Reporting and Fact-Finding Missions

    This paper sets out various dilemmas faced by practitioners undertaking fact-finding missions, based on a desk analysis and extensive interviews with expert practitioners. The paper addresses the challenges, both practical and theoretical, related to standards of proof and information...

    Feb 2014
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  • #Westgate Tweets: A Detailed Study of Information Forensics

    Al Shabaab's horrific attack of the Westgate Mall in Nairobi generated over 730,000 tweets during the four-day siege in Spetember 2013. The purpose of this study is to analyze the authors, content and frequency of these tweets in the hour leading up to the attacks and during the two hours...

    Nov 2013
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  • "We Suffer From War and More War": An Assessment of the Impact of the Lord's Resistance Army on Formerly Abducted Children and their Communities in northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo

    This study highlights the voices of individuals currently affected by the Lord’s Resistance Army to detail the extensive and systematic devastation felt specifically by formerly abducted children and their communities in northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. Respondents stressed that...

    Jan 2013
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  • "We Came Back with Empty Hands": Understanding the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration of Children Formerly Associated with Armed Groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

    This report documents the experiences and attitudes of former underage combatants in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) who went through the reintegration process, the families and communities who received them and the organizations that funded and implemented reintegration...

    Jan 2013
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  • "Training humanitarian professionals at a distance: testing the feasibility of distance learning with humanitarian professionals," by Vincenzo Bollettino and Claude Bruderlein, Oct 2008
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  • "This mine has become our farmland": Critical perspectives on the coevolution of artisanal mining and conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

    The debate on conflict minerals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has been widely documented by the international media, government and non-governmental agencies and academics. In recent years, a variety of international initiatives have been launched to curb the flow of funding from...

    Jun 2014
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  • "Serious" Games: Innovative Learning in the Humanitarian Sector

    Games, simulations, and role-playing exercises have become an important component of capacity building endeavors across the humanitarian sector. Additionally—as reflected in the International Committee of the Red Cross’s (ICRC’s) work with video game developers to ensure that certain violent...

    Jun 2017
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  • "Regulating 'Drugs Wars' and Other Gray Zone Conflicts: Formal and Functional Approaches," Humanitarian Action in Situations Other Than Way, Discussion Paper 2

    Academic debate on whether so-called “drug wars” can be classified as “armed conflicts” is more than just semantic. Indeed, the official designation of a situation as an armed conflict carries with it attendant rights and obligations applicable to states and non-state actors alike. The legal...

    Mar 2016
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  • "Public Enemy Number Two?: Rising Crime and Human Rights Advocacy in Transitional Societies,"

    On March 5, 2002, a special division of the São Paulo military police in Brazil positioned several vehicles with heavily armed ofªcers on a highway near Campinas. The police sought to intercept and ambush a truck transporting twelve suspects that their intelligence services had indicated was on...

    May 2005
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  • "People's Security as a New Measure of Global Stability," International Review of the Red Cross vol.842

    espite renewed commitment by States to respect and ensure respect for the rules of international humanitarian law, the surge of violence against civilians has continued. Entire populations in Europe, Africa and Central Asia have been displaced, harassed or subjected to extreme forms of violence...

    Jun 2001
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  • "On Her Shoulders" Film Screening
    The Harvard Humanitarian Initiative and the Bratte Theater will be hosting a screening of the film "On Her Shoulders" on Wednesday, October 3, 2018 at 4:00 PM. $5 Donation suggested, all proceeds benefit Nadia's Initiative.