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Workshops: PHL
Pamela Steiner
Tyler Giannini
HumGeo: Team
LRA: Methods
Susan Bartels
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Anne Bennett

Anne Bennett is the Executive Director of Hirondelle USA, a non-profit organization that supports local news and information in countries emerging from conflict or faced with humanitarian crises. Bennett has worked in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Sudan and...

Evaluation Implementation: Team
David Yanagizawa-Drott
IDP Camps in Uganda (1996)

As military attempts against the LRA continued, the Ugandan government instituted a strategy of moving civilians into camps. At the peak of the conflict in 2005, 251 camps held nearly two million people across 11 districts in Uganda. The camps are widely considered to be a...

Christine Letts
Male hunters, Central African Republic
Monitoring and Evaluation: Intro
Monitoring and Evaluation: KoBo Toolbox
The City Fragility and Resilience Framework


Home: Satellite Imagery Guide
ATHA: Featured Podcast
Jerold S. Kayden
Sakina Haider

Sakina completed her BA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the University of Oxford. Following this, Sakina worked as a consultant at Boston Consulting Group’s (BCG) London office where she was selected to participate in the company’s Social Impact Immersion Program, a program that...

Haotan Wu

Haotan Wu is a Ph.D. candidate at Peking University, majoring in International Politics, the Middle East in particular. She holds a M.A. (Magna Cum Laude) in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies from Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Previously, she was an exchange student to Jordan...

Francisco Pietro Castrillo

Dr. Francisco Pietro Castrillo holds a PhD in Physics from the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid and Universidad do Minho. His thesis was “On the Dynamics of Rigid Block Structures, applications to SDOF Masonry Collapse Mechanisms.”   Francisco’s resume reflects a clear cross-disciplinary activity...

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