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Indoctrinate the Heart to Impunity

Individuals recently demobilized from the LRA detail the internal dynamics of the group, and describe how magic, rules, and culture are used to control new recruits.

Nov 2015
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    Ingvill C. Mochmann
    Innovating Disaster Micro-Insurance for Local Market Recovery


    Innovation Series - "Bottom Up" Innovation: an Interview with Alexander Betts and Louise Bloom

    In this episode, ATHA's Anaïde Nahikian speaks with Louise Bloom, Research Officer at the Humanitarian Innovation Project at the University of Oxford, and Professor Alexander Betts, Director of the Refugee Studies Centre, also at the University of Oxford.

    The Refugee Studies Centre aims...

    Aug 2015
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  • Innovation Series - New Information Technologies and Humanitarian Security: An Interview with Raquel Vazquez Llorente

    In this episode, ATHA's Julia Brooks speaks with Raquel Vazquez Llorente, Researcher at the European Interagency Security Forum (EISF). They discuss changes in the...

    Aug 2015
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  • Innovation Series - Promoting Innovation in Humanitarian Action

    In this episode, ATHA's Anaide Nahikian speaks with Stuart Campo, Innovation Deployment Specialist withUNICEF's Global Innovation Center.

    Stuart leads remote and in-country support for UNICEF and partners in the adaptation and deployment of...

    Sep 2015
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  • Innovation Series - Protection in Protracted Refugee Crises: An Interview with Melissa Fleming

    In this episode, ATHA's Anaïde Nahikian speaks with Melissa Fleming, Chief of Communications and Spokesperson for the High Commissioner, at UNHCR, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. They discuss the priorities for UNHCR in addressing the key drivers of...

    Aug 2015
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    Insights: The Impact of the LRA
    Institutional trust and misinformation in the response to the 2018–19 Ebola outbreak in North Kivu, DR Congo: a population-based survey

    The current outbreak of Ebola in eastern DR Congo, beginning in 2018, emerged in a complex and violent political and security environment. Community-level prevention and outbreak control measures appear to be dependent on public trust in relevant authorities and information, but little...

    Mar 2019
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  • Internal Displacement in Afghanistan: New Challenges

    The ongoing military action in Afghanistan is deepening what was already a severe humanitarian crisis. Further displacement of civilians will have a profound impact upon the ability of the country and its people to recover. The movement of civilian populations in search of security, as a result...

    Jun 2002
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    HHI Internship Information Page

    Interview with David Polatty on Military Planning and Risk Management in Humanitarian Response

    David Polatty is civilian faculty at the U.S. Naval War College and is director of the College of Operational & Strategic Leadership's Civilian-Military Humanitarian Response Program. In this interview he discusses the value of military style planning within humanitarian responses. He...

    Aug 2017
    Interview with Gilbert Burnham on Humanitarian Measurement and Evaluation in the Field

    Dr. Gilbert Burnham MD, Phd, Department of International Health John's Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health discusses key points related to M&E in the field and it's applicability to leadership and decision making in the humanitarian sector.

    Jun 2017
    Interview with Julia Brooks on the Growing Challenge of Attacks Against Aid Workers

    Julia Brooks MALD, Legal Research Associate at Harvard Humanitarian Initiative discusses key points related to the growing challenge of attacks against aid workers in the humanitarian sector.

    Jul 2017