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LRA: Decades of conflict
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Intro: Monitoring & Evaluation for Humanitarian Programs Course: Slide One
Daniel Scarnecchia

Daniel Scarnecchia is a Researcher at HHI’s Signal Program on Human Security and Technology, focusing on data governance, standards, and ethics in the Humanitarian sector.  Prior to joining HHI, he was a management consultant with a practice in the governance of sensitive data and the...

Humanitarian Response Intensive Course: Intro
Yousef Alawad
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Failed Diplomacy (2006-2008)

In 2006, renewed efforts at diplomacy began with the commencement of the Juba peace talks between the LRA and the Ugandan government, hosted in Juba, southern Sudan. The process was complicated by the ICC indictment of Kony, in-fighting among LRA commanders participating in the peace...

Brett D. Nelson

Dr Nelson is an attending pediatrician and global health faculty member at Massachusetts General Hospital and an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School. His professional interests are health care provision, development, research, and advocacy for vulnerable...

Program on Humanitarian Leadership


Jennifer Leaning
Adam Levine
HuSEHR: Intro
Martijn van de Rijdt
Research: Populations in Crisis
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Urban: Systematic Review
Catatumbo is one of the few areas where coca production has increased
DisasterNet: Upcoming Projects
Past Programs

Earthquake in Haiti

Beginning a mere 48 hours after the earthquake struck Haiti, HHI maintained a presence of technical assistance and knowledge-building from January-November 2010. HHI's involvement included managing the Harvard-wide response in the immediate aftermath of the...

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