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Penar Musaraj
Mount Gourougou, overlooking Spanish Melilla, was cleared of migrants by the police in February
Lincoln Chen
Emanuel Sapalo

Emanuel serves as a Research Assistant for the Summer & Fall 2020 semesters at the Signal Program on Human Security and Technology. At Signal, Emanuel researches the role of conflict in the implementations of health interventions in the 10th Ebola outbreak, with a focus on displacement....

Ruth Barron
Insights: The Impact of the LRA
Pooja Agrawal
Capacity Building for Fistula Repair in Eastern DRC

This report includes a detailed evaluation of the clinical, surgical and managerial capacity at Panzi Hospital, and also capacity evaluations of hospitals in Kaziba, Kalonge, Walungu, Uvira, Kakawende, Kaniola, and Nyatende.

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  • Urban Humanitarian Emergencies Course: Topics Covered in the 2014 Course
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    An aid worker from the Syrian NGO Ataa Relief shows a child at an Idlib camp how to put on a protective mask.
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    Eric James
    Daniel Schrag
    Child Marriage: Results 4
    Valerie Neylan
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    Arthur Kleinman
    Male hunters, Central African Republic
    Jérôme Grimaud

    Jérôme Grimaud is a humanitarian worker and Senior Fellow with the Advanced Training Program on Humanitarian Action. He devoted his first missions to protective accompaniment in Central America and to frontline negotiations in the Middle East before becoming a psychosocial support delegate of...

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    While in the camps hunger struck and people would organized themselves

    While in the camps hunger struck and people would organized themselves in groups and went up the mountain areas and got some firewood to sell in order to buy food and eat. A bundle of firewood was even only 500 shillings. Parents would raise such money and then buy what to eat. Some people...

    OSCE SMM monitoring the movement of heavy weaponry in eastern Ukraine
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