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When I returned from the bush, you know here we have cultural rites

When I returned from the bush, you know here we have cultural rites that we perform. When I came back, they did a cleansing ceremony to all who retuned and one person from the community who is not even my relative gave one goat for my cleaning ceremony. For a stranger to give you a...

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Theresa Betancourt
Khaldoon AlKhaldi
Dave Polatty
Working with MSF: A Career Planning Information Session

The Humanitarian Academy at Harvard is pleased to welcome representatives from MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières) who will be discussing careers and recruiting, specifically for students focused on humanitarian issues, who may be interested in pursuing career opportunities with MSF. Information...

Patrick Meier
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Transitional Justice: Projects
Michelle Niescierenko
Haya Hamade
Female former abductees, South Sudan
Learning Initiatives: Intro
Research: Populations in Crisis
Diplomacy and LRA migration (2005-2006)

By 2005, the LRA ceased activity in Uganda. On August 26, 2006, the LRA and Ugandan government signed a cessation of hostilities agreement.  Simultaneously, the LRA’s foothold in southern Sudan was beginning to weaken. In 2005, the Sudanese government and the SPLA/M signed the...

HRIC Cancellation
Monitoring and Evaluation: Recent Publications
Hilarie Cranmer

Dr. Hilarie Cranmer, MD, MPH, the first Director of Disaster Response at the Center of Global Health at Massachusetts General Hospital, the largest teaching hospital of Harvard University, is clinical faculty in the Department of Emergency Medicine, and an Assistant Professor at both Harvard...

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LRA: Conflict Background
Diversity and Inclusion


Intro: Monitoring & Evaluation for Humanitarian Programs Course: In-Class Project