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To me what I saw happening was that during those times

To me what I saw happening was that during those times, sometimes you find that when the rebels come, some people would run to the bushes without picking or carrying any food stuff. So for those who were able, they would give food to help those without anything to eat. Secondly, there were...

Statement February 2017


Khaldoon AlKhaldi
Research: Humanitarian Policy and Evaluation
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Peace Building and Linkages with Security and Stabilization Link
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Gender Based Insecurity and Mobility in Cities

This project, funded by and in partnership with Concern Worldwide, will proceed in two phases. This first phase consists of qualitative research in the three cities of Dhaka, Addis Ababa and Port-au-Prince to learn more about the gender based violence and perceptions of insecurity faced by the...

Monitoring and Evaluation:
Susan Briggs
Dismantling the LRA (2012-Present)

At least 12 senior commanders have defected or been killed since 2012. In late 2014, senior LRA commander Dominic Ongwen surrendered to AU-RTF forces in the CAR. In 2015, only approximately 150 male combatants remain as the core of the LRA, excluding the ever-changing number of...

Lebanon, 1983. Ambulance damaged in crossfire between Israeli and Palestinian Forces.
child marriage: recommendations
Innovating Disaster Micro-Insurance for Local Market Recovery


Youth in Crisis: Intro
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HPCR: Team
Urban Emergencies Program
NCD: Global Burden
Haya Hamade
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On this page, you will find a list of resources and publications by HHI's Senior Fellows. 

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