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Working with MSF: A Career Planning Information Session

The Humanitarian Academy at Harvard is pleased to welcome representatives from MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières) who will be discussing careers and recruiting, specifically for students focused on humanitarian issues, who may be interested in pursuing career opportunities with MSF. Information...

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Dave Polatty
Picking Up the Pieces: Women's Health Needs Assessment, Fond Parisien, Haiti

Circle of Health International (COHI) conducted this Women's Health Needs Assessment to identify the specific and immediate needs of women, and to provide evidence-based recommendations for short and long-term women's health programming in the Fond Parisien area. These recommendations are...

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    NCD: in Humanitarian Crises
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    Tents in Haiti
    LRA: Decades of conflict
    Ritu Sarin
    Intro: Monitoring & Evaluation for Humanitarian Programs Course: In-Class Project
    Zaatari Camp Overhead
    Directors Update January 2017

    Dear friends and colleagues, 

    The President's recent executive order banning citizens of seven countries from entering the United States has created immediate and devastating consequences for many in the medical and public...

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    Privacy Policy

    Urban Humanitarian Emergencies Course: Intro
    I am a community leader in a communal farming group

    I am a community leader in a communal farming group. We are working to reconcile people in community; even up to now some people in the communities still live in tension as a result because they do not yet have peace of mind. We left homes to live in camps. Later when the conflict calmed...

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    Male and female local defense unit members, South Sudan
    Satchit Balsari