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Women In War: Intro
Ruth Barron
Home: BBR Jean Luc
Mai Alshammari
ATHA: Team
ncd: Resources and Publications
Jeanette Ives Erickson
Civ Mil: Recommended Resources
Humanitarian Response Intensive Course

Through Presentations and hands-on table top exercises offered by faculty and guest lecturers who are experts in their topic areas, perticipants will gain familiarity with the primary frameworks in the humanitarian field. The two week classroom-based workshop is followed by a three day field...

Home: Harvey
Mark C. Elliott
Emanuel Sapalo

Emanuel serves as a Research Assistant for the Summer & Fall 2020 semesters at the Signal Program on Human Security and Technology. At Signal, Emanuel researches the role of conflict in the implementations of health interventions in the 10th Ebola outbreak, with a focus on displacement....

Judith Palfrey
HuSEHR: Competencies
Youth in Crisis: Intro
Home: Nepal
Urban Emergencies Program
Eric Nilles

Dr. Eric Nilles, MD MSc, is the Director of the Program on Infectious Diseases and Epidemics at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School, and an attending physician at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital Department of Emergency Medicine. He competed his...

Bonnie Docherty
Orly Stern

Dr Orly Stern is a researcher, consultant and lawyer, focusing on armed conflict, gender, security and law. Orly has consulted for various international organisations, research institutions and NGOs. She has worked and researched in countries including Iraq, South Sudan, Sierra Leone...

Khaldoon AlKhaldi
Daniel Schrag