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Arthur Kleinman
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Orly Stern

Dr Orly Stern is a researcher, consultant and lawyer, focusing on armed conflict, gender, security and law. Orly has consulted for various international organisations, research institutions and NGOs. She has worked and researched in countries including Iraq, South Sudan, Sierra Leone...

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Max Bazerman
Zaatari Camp Overhead
DisasterNet: Project
John de Boer
Urban Humanitarian Emergencies Course: International Participant Registration Information
Remote Sensing for Humanitarian Programs Workshop

Remote Sensing Workshop

Paul Biddinger
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Health systems infrastructure in post-earthquake Nepal: Building Back Better

Please join Mr. Mohat Manandhar (visiting scholar in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at Massachusetts Institution of Technology) and Dr. Vincenzo Bolletino (Harvard Humanitarian Initiative) for a presentation on the state of health care infrastructure...

Migrants and asylum seekers queue up at Mytilene Port on the Greek island of Lesvos waiting for police clearance.
Retreat Rebuild Keynote

Disaster recovery is entrenched in the landscape. Lives are put at risk when land heaves, slides or shakes, when it becomes inundated or undergoes drought, when it is submitted to unrestrained development. Thus, land issues are at the crux of conflicts and post conflict reconstruction efforts...

IDP Camps in Uganda (1996)

As military attempts against the LRA continued, the Ugandan government instituted a strategy of moving civilians into camps. At the peak of the conflict in 2005, 251 camps held nearly two million people across 11 districts in Uganda. The camps are widely considered to be a...

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Elisabeth B. Weintz Humanitarian Award 2017


Learning Initiatives: Curricular Innovation
Brian Sorensen