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Measuring Peacebuilding Education and Advocacy, Strategic Level Results and Beyond Webinar

With support from UNICEF Learning for Peace Program, the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative is conducting a series of knowledge, attitude, and perception (KAP) surveys to measure the relationship between education and peacebuilding measures, including social cohesion and resilience, in 5 selected...

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Innovating Disaster Micro-Insurance for Local Market Recovery


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Lebanon, 1983. Ambulance damaged in crossfire between Israeli and Palestinian Forces.
While we were still at home, if the wife was cooking

While we were still at home, if the wife was cooking then the men would be on standby outside watching out. If any sound from chickens being chased was heard in the neighboring homes, then the man would tell the wife that something is wrong here, let us keep alert. Then you would run away...

Tilly Alcayna

Tilly Alcayna is a Research Consultant for the DisasterNet project which focuses on supporting local and national capacity for disaster preparedness and response in the Philippines, as part of the Resilient Communities Program. Previously, Tilly has worked in the Philippines for a DFID/VSO...

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Nepal Earthquake

The April 25th 7.8 magnitude earthquake and second 7.3 magnitude earthquake on May 12th has resulted in more than 8,219 deaths and 17,866 injured. The international humanitarian community continues to expand its support to the Nepalese government in the provision of humanitarian relief,...