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Lisa Gruenberg
NCD: in Humanitarian Crises
Claude Bruderlein

Claude Bruderlein is a Senior Researcher at the Program on Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research at Harvard University (HPCR) and Strategic Advisor at the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Claude founded HPCR in 2000 and served as the Program's Director until 2012. He...

While we were still at home, if the wife was cooking

While we were still at home, if the wife was cooking then the men would be on standby outside watching out. If any sound from chickens being chased was heard in the neighboring homes, then the man would tell the wife that something is wrong here, let us keep alert. Then you would run away...

Theresa Betancourt
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Stephen Rosen
Eric James
Workshops: Urban Humanitarian Emergencies Course
International Assistance and Interventions Link
LRA: Quote LRA fighter reduction
ATHA: Team
Transitional Justice: Featured Publications
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Tara Kelly

Tara Kelly is the Program Coordinator for the Resilient Communities Program at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative. Ms. Kelly also works on the Civilian Military Engagement project, and the Program on Humanitarian Leadership.  

Prior to her work at HHI, Ms. Kelly worked in administration...

Female former abductees, South Sudan
Research: HHI Video
OSCE SMM monitoring the movement of heavy weaponry in eastern Ukraine
Youth in Crisis: Intro
Jacqueline Bhabha
Marie-Renée B-Lajoie
Gabriella Blum
Paula Johnson