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Youth in Crisis: Intro
Satchit Balsari
Jennifer Leaning
Pooja Agrawal
Michael Bouton
Christmas and Makombo Massacres (2008-2009)

In 2008, LRA combatants committed mass atrocities against civilians in retaliation for OLT. More than 1,000 men, women, and children were brutally killed in less than one month in the DRC and southern Sudan in what became known as the Christmas Massacres. Less than one year later, 321...

Julia VanRooyen
Ashish Jha
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Mobile Data Collection and Human Rights Meeting

On October 22-23, 2015, the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, with the co-sponsorship of Human Rights Program at Harvard Law School, will host a consultative, invitation-only meeting at Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Massachusetts to address the current status of digital data collection in the...

Urban Humanitarian Emergencies Course: Overview
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A list of courses for the HuSEHR Concentration.

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Sometimes when the rebels attack

Sometimes when the rebels attack us here, we would run to another community or area. The people there would host us. Feed us and even give us their huts to live in until the situation calms down, then we...

Esmail Fadae

Esmail joined development on the KoBo Toolbox mobile data collection platform in the summer of 2014. He brings to the team over four years of software engineering experience including development and design on a multi-million dollar project. Esmail's current academic interests include...

Usha Periyanayagam
Leila Ahmed
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