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Research: Humanitarian Data and Technologies
LRA: Conflict Timeline
Workshops: Urban Humanitarian Emergencies Course
Jennifer Leaning
Humanitarian Funding Mechanisms Link
Earthquake Aftermath
Benjamin Davies

Benjamin Davies is a Senior Program Manager for the Humanitarian Academy at Harvard. In this role, he manages the selection, production and dissemination of multimedia case studies and simulations focused on humanitarian theory and practice related to complex emergencies. Benjamin joined...

Operation Iron Fist I & II (2002-2004)

The regional expansion of the LRA and the resulting humanitarian crisis brought international attention to the conflict. The international community put pressure on the Sudanese government to allow UPDF counterinsurgency operations on Sudanese soil. In 2002, the Sudanese government...

Yousef Alawad
Home: BBR Field Pers II
Hurricane Harvey
Pablo Marco Blanco
Adele Waugaman
Urban: City Fragility and Resilience Framework
The Initial Response (1991-1994)

Diplomatic and military attempts to defeat the LRA were ongoing between 1991-1994. The first government response occurred in 1991 when the Ugandan People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) mounted a four-month military offensive called “Operation North.” Simultaneously, Uganda’s state minister at the...

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Peace and Human Rights Data: Team
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Signal: Featured Report
Anne Bennett

Anne Bennett is the Executive Director of Hirondelle USA, a non-profit organization that supports local news and information in countries emerging from conflict or faced with humanitarian crises. Bennett has worked in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Sudan and...

Mischa Shattuck
Program on Evaluation and Implementation Science: Kobo Toolbox
Vincenzo Bollettino

Dr. Bollettino is the Director of Resilient Communities Program at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative. Prior to his current appointment, Dr. Bollettino served for five years as Executive Director of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative. Dr. Bollettino has twenty years of...