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Monitoring and Evaluation: Vulnerable Populations Program
Gabriella Blum
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Leonard Markus
Doreen Koretz
Ruba Zinati

Ruba Zinati is a Senior Research Analyst at the Advanced Training Program on Humanitarian Action (ATHA) at HHI and formerly Senior Researcher at Jordan Institute of Diplomacy JID Jordan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates. She holds a Bachelor of Physics and a Master’s degree in...

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Child Marriage: Results 4
Zaatari Camp Overhead
Picking Up the Pieces: Women's Health Needs Assessment, Fond Parisien, Haiti

Circle of Health International (COHI) conducted this Women's Health Needs Assessment to identify the specific and immediate needs of women, and to provide evidence-based recommendations for short and long-term women's health programming in the Fond Parisien area. These recommendations are...

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