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Isaac Baker

Isaac Baker is the Imagery Analysis Manager for the Signal Program at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative.  Mr. Baker began his career in war crimes investigations at Physician's for Human Rights, working for the Campaign Against Torture. He later helped initiate the Satellite Sentinel Project...

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When I returned from the bush, you know here we have cultural rites

When I returned from the bush, you know here we have cultural rites that we perform. When I came back, they did a cleansing ceremony to all who retuned and one person from the community who is not even my relative gave one goat for my cleaning ceremony. For a stranger to give you a...

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Claude Bruderlein

Claude Bruderlein is a Senior Researcher at the Program on Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research at Harvard University (HPCR) and Strategic Advisor at the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Claude founded HPCR in 2000 and served as the Program's Director until 2012. He...

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I am a community leader in a communal farming group

I am a community leader in a communal farming group. We are working to reconcile people in community; even up to now some people in the communities still live in tension as a result because they do not yet have peace of mind. We left homes to live in camps. Later when the conflict calmed...

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