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Abyei Invasion: Evidence of SAF Incursion Abyei

Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP) has confirmed through the 
analysis of DigitalGlobe imagery that the southern-aligned 
base at Todach has been recently razed; evidence consistent with an attack on that location by armored vehicles is visible. The...

May 2011
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  • Abyei Incursion: Evidence of Northern-Aligned Forces Deployed to Abyei Region, Sudan

    According to media reports released on 20 March 2011, Sudan's federal Ministry of the Interior recently deployed approximately 1,500 northern police to the environs of Bongo, Diffra, and Goli in northern Abyei, Sudan. Northern representatives, including the spokesman of the Sudan Armed...

    Mar 2011
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  • About Us

    HHI has many faculty collaborators and fellows, and a network of undergraduate and graduate students with an interest in research and policy development in the humanitarian arena.

    Abdulrazzaq al-Saiedi

    Abulrazzaq Al-Saiedi works as a research manager, Iraq country expert, and policy advisor with HHI on a project called Assessing Conflict-Affected Communities’ Perceptions and Attitudes about Peace and Justice in Iraq. Al-Saiedi is an expert in transitional justice and rule of law...

    Abducted: The Lord's Resistance Army and Forced Conscription in Northern Uganda

    Since the late 1980s, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), a spiritualist rebel group with no clear political agenda, has abducted tens of thousands of children and adults to serve as porters and soldiers. In the early 1990s, children who escaped from the LRA or were captured by Ugandan...

    Jun 2007
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  • Abducted children and youth in Lord’s Resistance Army in Northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC): mechanisms of indoctrination and control

    Globally, an estimated 300,000 children under the age of 18 participate in combat situations; those in armed groups in particular suffer prolonged exposure to psychological and physical abuse. The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) is a rebel movement known for its widespread conscription of children...

    Jun 2015
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  • Aaron Van Leesten

    Aaron is the media production specialist at HHI. In addition to creating the majority of HHI's multimedia, he also manages HHI's website and assists with development and execution of communications strategy. Before HHI, Aaron worked as a media producer and digital communications associate at the...

    A Tale of Two Conflicts: an Unexpected Reading of Sexual Violence in Conflict through the Cases of Colombia and Democratic Republic of the Congo

    The Democratic Republic of the Congo (‘DRC’) has been called “the rape capital of the world” while Colombia was known in the late 1990s as “the murder capital of the world”. What do these capitals of crime have in common? Both countries have been plagued by conflict-related violence, including...

    Apr 2012
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  • A Rights-based Approach to Information in Humanitarian Assistance

    Crisis-affected populations and humanitarian aid providers are both becoming increasingly reliant on information and communications technology (ICTs) for finding and provisioning aid. This is exposing critical, unaddressed gaps in the legal and ethical frameworks that traditionally defined...

    Sep 2017
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  • A quick tour of KoBoToolbox

    KoBoToolbox is a free and open source platform to collect data, developed by field researchers, evaluators and humanitarians, with the support of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, UNOCHA, the MacArthur foundation and other generous donors.

    KoBoToolbox was designed to...

    May 2016
    A Patient Heart: Stigma, Acceptance and rejection around Conflict-Related Sexual Violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo

    This report identifies factors – societal, financial and health-related – that influence men’s behaviors towards survivors of sexual violence and the barriers towards acceptance and reintegration of survivors into their families and communities after rape. This investigation, through...

    Apr 2011
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  • A New Forensics: Developing Standard Remote Sensing Methodologies to Detect and Document Mass Atrocities

    The aim of this article is to highlight potential methods applicable to a standard forensic approach for the analysis of high-resolution satellite imagery that may contain evidence of alleged mass atrocities. The primary method employed is the retrospective analysis of a case study involving the...

    Nov 2014
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  • A migrant family comes ashore in Lesvos, Greece after crossing from Turkey in a small, inflatable dinghy.
    A man wearing a protective face mask walks next to closed shops in the capital of Jordan
    A combatant of the Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces
    A Blueprint for the Development of Prevention and Preparedness Indicators for Urban Humanitarian Crises

    As rapid urbanization creates complex environments that concentrate the risks and hazards of man-made and natural disasters, it also presents a vital advantage that must be exploited. Urban humanitarian emergencies by their very nature occur within the geo-political sphere of a governing body,...

    Dec 2011
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  • 2018 Weintz Award

    On Thursday, October 4th, Nadia Murad accepted the Third Annual Elisabeth B. Weintz Humanitarian Award, presented by the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative. As a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, she noted the value of receiving this award from humanitarians...

    2011 Roundtable Executive Summary

    On March 23-24, 2011, we held a roundtable discussion, “Earthquake Relief in Haiti: Inter-Organizational Perspectives and Lessons for the Future” at Harvard University. We convened this meeting to provide a forum for discussing successes, challenges, and strategies for improving disaster...

    Mar 2011
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  • 2011 Humanitarian Action Summit Report Mar 2011
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  • 2011 Global Surgical Consortium Annual Report

    This report outlines the ongoing work of The Global Surgical Consortium(GSC), a 501c3 public charity that was created in 2010 to address the growing global surgical and anesthesia crisis and to provide...

    Jan 2011
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  • 2009 Humanitarian Action Summit Report Mar 2009
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  • 2007 Humanitarian Health Conference Report Sep 2007
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  • 2006 Humanitarian Health Conference Report Sep 2006
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  • ...Welcome from the community was high

    ...Welcome from the community was high. Relatives and other neighbours would come to welcome the person who returned. They also counseled them. Some of them would perform the rituals of sprinkling water by hand to show that you are welcome back home from where we had expected you to have...

    'We Came Back with Empty Hands' Trailer

    This video provides an overview of "'We Came Back with Empty Hands': Understanding the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration of Children Formerly Associated with Armed Groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo," the new report released by the Women in War Program at Harvard...

    Nov 2013