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LRA: Data
Rise Challenge


Intro: Monitoring & Evaluation for Humanitarian Programs Course: Course Objectives
Philip Dy

Philip Dy is Program Manager of the DisasterNet Project of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative. The project aims to improve community-based disaster preparedness and response in the Philippines, by leveraging research and training programs.

He recently graduated from the Master in Public...

Humanitarian Action Summit 2018

More information on the Event Facebook Page.

This event will begin at 5:15 PM on Thursday, October 25. 

The Harvard Humanitarian Action Summit aims to educate the Harvard community on critical issues...

ncd: Affiliated Faculty and Collaborators
Home: BBR 7
For me I saw that taking people into camps was what saved people

For me I saw that taking people into camps was what saved people. Taking people away from the rural villages into camps which were protected by the army for both days and nights helped people to be safe from the LRA. They [the LRA] would not find food anywhere and if they wanted food they...

SARC Ambulance, Homs Syria
Jeanette Ives Erickson
Humanitarian Principles Link
Home: Diversity and Inclusion
Max Bazerman
Shanghai Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop Course Information


Diversity and Inclusion


Julia VanRooyen
Program on Evaluation and Implementation Science: Program Tagline
child marriage: resources
HuSEHR: Competencies
Ophelia Dahl
Home: MRF Podcast
Theresa Betancourt