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Child Marriage: Results 1
Dr. Patrick Kroker
HumGeo: Capacity and Partnerships
The Initial Response (1991-1994)

Diplomatic and military attempts to defeat the LRA were ongoing between 1991-1994. The first government response occurred in 1991 when the Ugandan People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) mounted a four-month military offensive called “Operation North.” Simultaneously, Uganda’s state minister at the...

Peace and Human Rights Data: Projects
home: KoBo video
LRA: Conceptual Maps
Monitoring and Evaluation for Humanitarian Programs Workshop Shanghai

Monitoring and Evaluation

Intro: Monitoring & Evaluation for Humanitarian Programs Course: Course Objectives
education crisis: projects and research
ATHA: Intro
Philip D. Parks
Home: Remote Sensing for Humanitarian Programs Workshop
Mahmoud Hariri

Dr. Mahmoud Hariri holds a Doctorate of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Aleppo University, and a  Master Degree in General Surgery, faculty of Medicine, Aleppo University.

Mahmoud goes by the name Abdulaziz and has been a trauma surgeon in Syria. He is joining HHI through the Scholars at...

ncd: Affiliated Faculty and Collaborators
Hani Mowafi
Jarrod Goentzel
Urban: GBI and Mobility in Cities
Emmanuel Tronc

Emmanuel Tronc is Senior Research Analyst at the Advanced Training Program on Humanitarian Action (ATHA) at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative. He focuses on field research and context analysis on humanitarian negotiation and access in numerous frontline contexts. Emmanuel has worked in the...

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Mark Anthony Toldo

Mark Toldo joined the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative in 2019. Prior to joining HHI, Toldo worked as a media producer, writer, and researcher for ABS-CBN Corporation, the largest media company in the Philippines. He devoted most of his journalism career to producing documentaries and specials on...

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