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Elisabeth B. Weintz Humanitarian Award


Elisabeth B. Weintz Humanitarian Award 2017


Elisabeth B. Weintz Humanitarian Award 2018

The Harvard Humanitarian Initiative will award the 2018 Elisabeth B. Weintz Humanitarian Award to Nadia Murad and Amal Clooney.

Ms. Murad is the United Nation's first Goodwill Ambassador for the Dignity of Survivors of Human Trafficking, and has published the New York Times Bestselling...

Elisabeth B. Weintz Humanitarian Award 2019


Emanuel Sapalo

Emanuel serves as a Research Assistant for the Summer & Fall 2020 semesters at the Signal Program on Human Security and Technology. At Signal, Emanuel researches the role of conflict in the implementations of health interventions in the 10th Ebola outbreak, with a focus on displacement....

Emerging Issues Facing the Use of Remote Sensing Evidence for International Criminal Justice

Remote sensing can provide unique, sometimes otherwise unavailable, information about human rights violations occurring in non-permissive environments, over large geographic areas, and across long and multiple timeframes. The evidentiary potential of RS analysis...

Dec 2014
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  • Emily Chan
    Emma Kenny

    Emma Kenny is the Research Coordinator for the Program on Gender, Rights and Resilience (GR2) at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative. She provides programmatic and administrative support for GR2's ongoing projects, particularly USAID's RISE grant supporting local women's groups in mining towns...

    Emmanuel Letouzé
    Emmanuel Tronc

    Emmanuel Tronc is Senior Research Analyst at the Advanced Training Program on Humanitarian Action (ATHA) at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative. He focuses on field research and context analysis on humanitarian negotiation and access in numerous frontline contexts. Emmanuel has worked in the...

    Empowered Groups, Tested Laws, and Policy Options: Report on an International Seminar on Transnational and Non-State Armed Groups

    The rising importance of non-state armed groups is heightened by three post-Cold War phenomena: the increased fragmentation of states into smaller self-governing entities, the augmented privatization of warfare, and, by virtue of the expansion of global communication networks, the inflated...

    Nov 2007
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  • Empowering beneficiaries: Humanitarian professionals at a crossroads?

    Humanitarian organizations face an inevitable tension that arises from two separate accountability structures. One framework, established by Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions of 1949, holds organizations accountable to host states and donor states. A second framework, the human...

    Mar 2012
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  • End of Occupation in Iraq Jan 2004
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  • Engaging African Voices on Kony

    A critical perspective has been missing from the conversation resulting from the Kony 2012 campaign: that of those currently living in Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) affected areas.The voices of affected individuals and communities should be at the center of this swelling chorus of opinions...

    Mar 2012
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  • Engaging Violent Cities: Operational Challenges for Humanitarian Action in Urban Areas (HAW 17)

    In the year 2008, for the first time in history, more than half of the world’s population was living in urban areas. Cities have become more numerous, more populous, and denser. The complexity and density of urban environments significantly alter the viability of certain humanitarian...

    Apr 2013
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  • Engaging with People Affected by Armed Conflicts and Other Situations of Violence: Recommendations for Humanitarian Organizations and Donors in the Digital Era

    ICRC & the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative (HHI) launch a joint discussion paper that provides recommendations for humanitarian organisations and donors in today's digital era.

    Based on a review of the relevant literature and interviews with representatives of...

    Mar 2018
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  • English Version: "Never Forget: Views on Peace and Justice Within Conflict-Affected Communities in Northern Iraq"

    This survey offers a snapshot of the perceptions and attitudes about peace and justice within communities affected by the conflict with the Islamic State (IS). It is based on 5,213 interviews conducted in 2019 among a representative sample of internally displaced persons in northern Iraq...

    Jun 2020
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  • Enhancing efficiency and effectiveness of Food Security Cluster Coordination

    The course is aimed at providing basic knowledge about the role and functions of the Food Security Cluster, both at global and national level. It is also aimed at building basic Cluster Coordination competencies and providing tools for efficient Food Security Cluster Coordination....

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