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Humanitarian Response Intensive Course: Urban Humanitarian Emergencies Course
Peace and Human Rights Data: Approach
Home: European Refugee Crisis Summit
Miranda Visser
Kirsten Johnson
Daniel Schrag
BBR: People
Ronak B. Patel

Ronak earned his medical degree from the University of California, San Francisco and completed his residency at the Harvard-Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency Program, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital. He earned his MPH from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg...

I know the government helped by sending people to camps, but

I know the government helped by sending people to camps, but that was not the best means, because most people were not healthy while in camps. In the camps, food given by the WFP was very little and as soon as it was over, you would have to wait until the new month...Many people missed...

Peter Walker
Home: Negotiation Podcast
Urban: City Fragility and Resilience Framework
MRF: Group of Professionals
The Initial Response (1991-1994)

Diplomatic and military attempts to defeat the LRA were ongoing between 1991-1994. The first government response occurred in 1991 when the Ugandan People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) mounted a four-month military offensive called “Operation North.” Simultaneously, Uganda’s state minister at the...

Lebanon, 1983. Ambulance damaged in crossfire between Israeli and Palestinian Forces.
Building a Better Response Launches New Module


infectious: Operational
Adam Levine
Home: Weintz Award 2017
Hani Mowafi
LRA: Conflict Timeline
Doreen Koretz
Charlie Clements