Education in Crisis Program

Learning Center, Kutapalong Camp, Bangladesh
photo: Adrienne Fricke

“Sufficient domestic and international funding must be made available for quality education programmes, during and after crises. Education must be safe, inclusive, free of exploitation and protected from attacks and abuse by military groups... States should commit to providing education and certification for displaced persons, in line with national qualifications and standards.”

Transformation No. 5, Core Responsibility 3,
Agenda for Humanity
World Humanitarian Summit, 2016

Education in Crisis

The Harvard Humanitarian Initiative’s (HHI) program Education in Crisis seeks to advance the science of education in conflict through innovative, collaborative and multidisciplinary research. Our team works to bridge educational capacity into sustainability, during and after crises.

Featured Project

Needs Assessment Toolkit

(Open Society Foundation Higher Education Support Program)

Conflicts disrupt both access to medical care for affected populations as well as the health education systems that train health care providers. The Education in Crisis team will collect needs assessment data in countries that have maintained health education systems through past crises, to design strategies for maintaining health education during conflict and to rebuild health education systems once crises have stabilized. The team will data will build an open source toolkit, hosted on Kobo Toolbox, that medical or nursing education stakeholders may use to carry out comprehensive needs assessments during and after a conflict.

Other Projects

Early Childhood Peace Consortium (K-12)
-- Partners include NIH, UNICEF

Northern Uganda Pader Girls Academy
-- Suporting the education of pregnant girls for ten years

Research Interests

  • Access to education for displaced persons
  • Student data mobility
  • Health Education in crisis
  • Emergency Medicine in conflict and post-conflict settings


Phuong Pham PhD, MPH
Director, Program on Evaluation and Implementation Science / Faculty
Timothy B. Erickson MD, FACEP, FACMT, FACCT
Core Faculty, HHI
Valerie Ann Dobiesz MD, MPH, FACEP
Core Faculty, HHI
Senior HHI Fellow