Vulnerable Populations Program

HHI's Program on Vulnerable Populations conducts research and capacity building in countries experiencing complex emergencies and serious violations of human rights and international humanitarian law. The program focuses on the use of empirical and mixed research methods to give voice to survivors of mass violence and disasters. HHI works to ensure that the needs of survivors are recognized and acted on by governments, UN agencies, and nongovernmental organizations, and that they help improve the capacity of local organizations to collect and analyze data about vulnerable populations. The program works closely with HHI's Program on Evaluation and Implementation Science to adopt and promote rigorous, reliable, and scientifically accurate assessment practices.  The program’s aims are also closely aligned with HHI’s Women in War Program and the Program on Urbanization and Emergencies., an indicator-based information platform providing data on peace, justice and reconstruction in DRC, Cambodia, Liberia, Uganda and the Central African Republic. Peacebuildingdata is the largest dataset on individuals’ views about peace and justice, and results from extensive population survey work in challenging context.

Recent Publications