A quick tour of KoBoToolbox

May, 2016

KoBoToolbox is a free and open source platform to collect data, developed by field researchers, evaluators and humanitarians, with the support of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, UNOCHA, the MacArthur foundation and other generous donors.

KoBoToolbox was designed to make data collection reliable, and easy to use during humanitarian crises and other challenging conditions with limited connectivity. KoBoToolbox works on- and off-line, and using mobile phones, tablets, or computers, through apps or web-based interface.

KoBoToolbox offers simple ways to build complex forms and interview guides, collect information, visualize results, and export data. It also includes a library function to share and export standardized.

Created over 10 years ago, KoBoToolbox remains under active development with new features added regularly. KoBoToolbox is used around the world in every humanitarian crisis and for monitoring and evaluation, impact assessment or field research among others.