OUR MISSION: Innovative education and training in the theory and practice of effective humanitarian action.

Harvard Degree Curriculum

Concentration on Humanitarian Studies, Ethics and Human Rights (HuSEHR) at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

HuSEHR is an interdisciplinary concentration / certificate program for Harvard Chan School graduate students seeking an intensive and integrated educational program in humanitarian studies grounded in field-based realities. 

Professional Education Workshops

Through the Lavine Family Humanitarian Studies Initiative and the Advanced Training Program on Humanitarian Action (ATHA), the Humanitarian Academy offers a growing catalog of in-person workshops, ranging from introductory overviews of the humanitarian field to advanced courses on specific topics such as Urban Humanitarian Response and Monitoring & Evaluation. Additionally, ATHA holds closed regional workshops throughout the year.

More information on the Lavine Family Humanitarian Studies Initiative


Institutional Learning Initiatives

Building a Better Response aims to build the capacity of national and international NGO personnel to engage with the humanitarian architecture in a manner that improves coordination and response to the needs of affected populations

Building a Better Response

ATHA enhances the capability of professionals in the humanitarian sector to manage and lead teams in multifaceted, remote, and often hazardous missions

Advanced Training Program on Humanitarian Action (ATHA)


Building a Better Response - What to Expect

This e-learning course was designed to provide NGOs with an accessible online platform for understanding the structure and function of the international humanitarian architecture.

ATHA E-Learning

Broaden your understanding of international humanitarian law (IHL) through free, interactive, self-paced e-learning modules.

With a focus on the case method and analytical decision-making, the Curricular Innovation Program is committed to fusing rich course content with experiential education.