Fabien Dubuet

Senior Research Analyst, ATHA

Mr. Fabien Dubuet is a French/American national with 20 years of demonstrated experience in international affairs and a successful history of serving in the field of peace and security, humanitarian diplomacy, human rights/IHL and global health with integrity and professionalism.

Between 2005 and 2020, Mr. Dubuet served as UN Liaison Officer and Representative to the United Nations in NYC for the international medical humanitarian organization Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF). He oversaw the dialogue and bilateral/multilateral negotiations with the diplomatic community and the UN system at large, including the day-to-day engagement and negotiations with the Security Council, UN Secretariat and NYC-based agencies and programs. He initiated and nurtured MSF’s dialogue with a wide range of permanent missions (Russia, China, Iran, Japan, South Korea, the Gulf Cooperation Countries, Oman, Turkey, Israel, etc.).

In this capacity, Mr. Dubuet acted as diplomatic adviser to MSF’s International President on UN and East Asia affairs and was part of several official visits to the East Asia region (China, Indonesia, South Korea, ASEAN). He also co-created and co-led MSF’s first ever humanitarian diplomacy team (15 people) in charge of the dialogue with various regional intergovernmental institutions (AU, EU, NATO, OIC, LAS, ASEAN, GCC, etc.), states and non-state actors.

Mr. Dubuet served in Paris as Deputy to the Legal Director of MSF (IHL/human rights) and adviser to MSF-France President and Executive Director on advocacy and public communication from 1997 to 2005. He provided daily strategic support to MSF field operations and MSF’s senior leadership on the protection of civilians’ agenda, peacekeeping and civil-military relations. He has also authored various publications on humanitarian affairs.

Between 2005 and 2019, Mr. Dubuet was deployed to multiple conflict areas and missions on all continents to advance humanitarian access and the protection of civilians agenda, as well as lead or contribute to discrete, high-level negotiations with government officials and non-state parties in such contexts as Rwanda, DRC, Haiti, Iran, China, South Korea, East-Timor, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Israel/the oPt, Egypt, Indonesia, etc.

Mr. Dubuet is fluent in English, French and Spanish. He is married and lives in NYC.