Tanya Shpigel, MA

Tanya Shpigel, MA

Administration and Finance Manager
Tanya Shpigel

Tanya Shpigel works with HHI faculty, staff, students, and collaborators and oversees the administrative and financial management of HHI. She works closely with the HHI Executive Director to implement new policies, goals, and initiatives, and helps streamline administrative, financial, and human resources processes.

Before joining HHI, Tanya was a Science Editor and Group Administrator for the Department of Chemistry and James Franck Institute at the University of Chicago. She has over eight years of experience with research administration, academic hiring processes, editing scientific manuscripts, data analysis, grant and project management, and financial planning. Before entering academic administration, Tanya’s research focused on the relationships between language, culture, and politics in Ukraine. She holds an MA in Linguistic Anthropology from the University of Chicago and a BA in International Development from the George Washington University. 

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