Private Sector Engagement in Humanitarian Response

As humanitarian leaders united in Davos this year at the World Economic Forum, one message was clear: the humanitarian system is strained, and increased collaboration with the private sector is crucial for enhancing capacity to respond to the protracted, complex crises currently confronting the humanitarian sector.

The humanitarian and private sectors differ in many crucial aspects – mission, principles, procedures, among others  – but the private sector is already contributing to humanitarian operations in a variety of ways. Beyond the evolving field of corporate social responsibility (CSR), private businesses engage in humanitarian action as donors, suppliers, service providers, consultants, and implementing partners. Furthermore, private businesses interact directly with vulnerable populations, whether through cash transfer or voucher programs, direct sales to refugee populations, or supporting refugee-run enterprises.

Through conversations with experts and practitioners, this podcast will explore the role of the private sector in humanitarian response, and how collaboration with the private sector can enhance humanitarian protection.

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February, 2015