Key Challenges for Recovery in Afghanistan

Jan 2002

While international efforts to reach a political agreement on a provisional government in Afghanistan continue, the situation on the ground presents a series of challenges to the aid community. The most immediate of these is to ensure that assistance reaches those most in need, even as the military campaign continues. Opportunities exist in some areas to restore confidence at the local level, through modest support for the rehabilitation of basic infrastructure. Investing in communities who prove their commitment to peace could help to build trust in the wider political process. Those Afghans who have survived the past three decades of instability have good reason to view their immediate future with apprehension. While some Afghans might be heartened by the US military intervention, and the apparent willingness of certain leaders to discuss ways of promoting reconciliation, the “space” for a dialogue about the future of the country is still being marked out. Recent experience suggests that this space will need to be protected, and that Afghans who are committed to peace will need international support at critical stages of the process

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